Kero SRE3001 3kW Liquid Fuel Heater

Kero SRE3001 3kW Liquid Fuel Heater

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  • 3kW output liquid fuel

  • State of the art digital liquid fuel heater

  • Runs on Tozane ROLF or Paraffin-Extra

  • Digital temperature control 

  • 5.0L tank

  • Virtually odourless operation when powered by Tozane or Paraffin Extra ROLF fuels

  • Fully automatic output power modulation between 800W and 3000W

  • Built in whisper quiet fan provides hot convection airflow throughout the room

  • Timer function

  • Up to 60 hours heating from a single 4.4L tank fill. 

  • Virtually silent operation

  •  Room size up to 120m3

  • Multi parameter safety sensor system with auto shut-down

  • Carbon Monoxide sensor with auto shut-down with flame monitoring

  • Cool side walls mean no burn risk

  • Tip-over sensor automatically shuts the unit down

  • Child lock

  • Low fuel warning alarm

  • Dimensions 40cm High x 42cm wide x 31cm Deep

  • Excl. VAT: £205.45 Incl. VAT: £246.54



    The Kero SRE3001 is a state of the art portable liquid fuel heater that uses the latest technology to provide a fully automatic adjustable clean heat output for use in the home.

    The Kero SRE3001 will run on either paraffin or on low odour ROLF Paraffin Extra available shipped direct from our warehouse. With digital temperature control and programmable timer the Kero SRE3001 will turn on and off as required, whenever required.

    Cold case surfaces eliminate burn risk from touching panels and a child lock will lock out all button functionality.

    In-built sensors monitor machine performance as well as carbon monoxide levels in the room. Any deviation and the machine shuts down fully automatically.

    On it's lowest setting the Kero SRE3001 can run for up to 50 Hours on a single 5L tank of fuel. At maximum output (3.0kW) it will typically run for 10-15 hours on a single tank of fuel. When the tank nears empty an audible alarm sounds to remind you to refill.

    The Kero SRE3001 is also ideal for garages, workshops and any unheated area you want to warm.

    Order today and receive a FREE  16L pack of Paraffin Extra FUEL delivered with your Kero SRE3001.

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS HEATER DOES REQUIRE A MAINS POWER CONNECTION. The amount of electricity used is only about 12W when running so the costs are negligible but the unit will not work without mains power (ie free standing or during a power cut). If you want a unit that needs no mains connection at all then choose the RX2485 or other wick heater machines on our site.

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