KSP229 Greenhouse / Workshop Heater

KSP229 Greenhouse / Workshop Heater

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  1. Portable liquid fuel heater

  2. 2200W output

  3. Perfect for greenhouses and/or unheated outdoor buildings up to 12m3

  4. Runs on paraffin or Tozane

  5. Conventional low maintenance wick flame design

  6. No mains power needed

  7. Fuel usage maximum 0.25L/hour

  8. 15 hours usage from one tank fill

  9. Tank Capacitry 3.8Litres

  10. Dimensions 49cm High x 32.5 Wide x 32.5 Deep

  11. Weight 5.3Kg

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The KSP229 is a good solution if you are looking to heat greenhouses and other unoccupied outdoor buildings. 

Traditional in design it will give a healthy and efficient 2.2kW output with a decent sized tank to give long burn times between fills.

The top of the unit is stove enameled and could be used to cook or heat water on.

Note the KSP229 is not recommended for use in the house or other living areas as it does not have protection against tip-over. The SRE241 and RX2485 are the machines for use indoors.

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