Compost Digital Temperature Probe 1.5 Metre

Compost Digital Temperature Probe 1.5 Metre

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  • 1.5 Metre heavy duty stainless steel shaft

  • Fast response thermally conductive sensor tip

  • Accuracy +/- 1 deg C

  • Range -20oC to +140oC

  • Permanent temperature readout

  • Heavy duty nylon handle

  • UK manufactured with 12 months warranty

  • Fully calibrated against a UKAS traceable reference thermometer.  Certificate available on request. 

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The TP3Mc Temperature Probe is the first choice machine for measuring the temperature of composting materials.

Designed to offer a low cost temperature measurement facility without accuracy or build quality compromise, the TP3Mc meets the requirements of the most stringent quality standards in operation in the UK today.

Its low mass tip with internal thermal conductivity enhancements ensures a quick response to temperature change. The TP3Mc utilises a food grade stainless steel shaft and nylon handle


Tutn the TP3Mc on using the switch on the base of the display unit.  Place the probe into the compost to the depth required and leave for a few minutes for the probe temperature to stabilise. The unit updates the temperature readout every second. Take a reading, remove the probe and place elsewhere in the compost for the next reading.

The permanent temperature display is powered by 1 PP3 sized 9V battery. To change the battery, remove the 4 small outer screws on the cover of the readout unit and replace the battery inside the cover. No other maintenance should be required.

The unit is damp and splash proof but not designed to be left outside in a wet environment