Mitsubishi MJ-E20BG-E1 Dehumidifier

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Mitsubishi MJ-E20BG-E1 Dehumidifier

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  • Water extraction up to 20 Litres /day

  • Suitable for up to 5 bedroomed homes

  • Quiet - just 38dBA on Low, 46dBA on High

  • LCD display including real time humidity level

  • Full auto 'Easy Dehumidify' mode

  • Adjustable Humidistat control 50-70%

  • Photo-catalytic washable Anti-Bacterial Filter

  • Powered swing Louvre

  • Auto restart after power failure

  • Child Lock

  • Hot Gas Defrost (see our Glossary for what this means)

  • Multi speed fan

  • 4.5 Litre Water tank with full alarm

  • Continuous drainage facility

  • 1-9 hour on or off timer

  • Auto restart after power failure

  • CFC Free Refrigerant: R407

  • Weight: 13.7kg

  • Power/Amp 380W/1.8A

  • Dimensions 38wx21dx59h cm

Excl. VAT: £333.32 Incl. VAT: £399.99


Now with exclusive DIO TWO YEAR WARRANTY. Any issues in the first three years then we collect, repair and return the machine all free of charge.


The MJ-E20BG-E1 is the latest version of this top of the range mode from the premier dehumidifier manufacturer. The Mitsubishi MJ series machines are simply the best built, quietest, most reliable and most efficent dehumidifiers available. The unique Mitsubishi Electric Easy Dehumidifying feature that allows you to control the whole house by pressing just one button. If dehumidifier specifications and condensation problems leave you mystified then Easy Dehumidifying is for you!

Easy Dehumidifying This features takes control of the dehumidification needed for the whole house and constantly checks the humidity to ensure that the peak performance is maintained. The machine will constantly check the relative humidity and temperature and adjust the dehumidification capacity and the airflow speed to prevent mildew, condensation, damp and mould. But there's much more to be gained from a Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifier than a damp free environment. The MJ series has an extra-high or 'Laundry' setting. This means you can use your Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifier to successfully dry delicate items that cannot be dried in a tumble drier. In fact, the unit can extract 1.5Kg of water from 3Kg of clothes in two hours at a cost of under 6p. That's less than 20% of the cost of using a tumble dryer.

Their slim design ensures minimal visual impact. Noise levels are minimal and reliability is superb. The MJ-E20BG-E1 has adjustability and an in-built LCD display. This shows the real time humidity level in the room as well as allowing the adjustment of the humidity cut-off point and settings for the powered louvre and timer functions. This model has a powered louvre, child lock and washable photo-catalytic anti-bacterial filter. This filter can be washed up to 8 times and by placing it in the sun to dry after washing the filter sterilises itself.

The incorporation of Hot Gas Defrost ensures the MJ-E20BG-E1 will work right down to sub-zero temperatures without risk of icing up so the MJ-E20BG-E1 can also be used in unattended holiday homes as well as garages, workshops etc.

Condensate can either be collected into the in-built tank with auto cut-off when full or can be plumbed to drain away continuously allowing the MJ-E21BG-E1 to be left unattended for long periods.

If the power fails then the machine will restart automatically once the power is restored - essential for unattended operation and peace of mind when used in the home.$0 $0The MJ-E20BG-E1 is supplied with one new photo-catalytic anti-bacterial air filter and full operating instructions. Additional filters may be purchased as required direct from ourselves (see related products below)

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