Ruby Dry DH600 Dessicant Dehumidifier

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Ruby Dry DH600 Dessicant Dehumidifier

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  • 7 Litre per day all temperature extraction rate

  • Equivalent performance to 20 litre refrigerant machine

  • Adsorption dehumidifier

  • Suitable for up to 5 bedroomed homes and large unheated garages/workshops/conservatories

  • Temperature Independent operation

  • Power consumption 50-600W

  • Built in 5.5 litre tank with auto cut-off

  • Noise level as low as 29dBA at low fan speed

  • Adjustable humidistat 40%/50%/60%

  • 3 Fan Speeds

  • Airflow 100m3/hr

  • Continuous drain option

  • Active carbon filter for high quality filtration and odour removal

  • Auto cut-off if tipped over

  • Integral fold-down handle

  • Net weight just 7 Kg

  • Dimensions 43w x 20d x 55h cm


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Because RUBY-DRY adsorbs the moisture from the air onto the surface of an integral desiccant rotor, moisture can be extracted at a constant rate whatever the temperature. A small heating element dries out the rotor to provide continuous operation. The dessicant in the rotor DOES NOT deteriorate with time so the only maintenance needed is periodic cleaning of the intake air filter. At 15degC or lower, the extraction efficiency is greater than an equivalent 20 litre rated refrigerant device. (Refrigerant devices extract less as the temperature drops - the RUBY-DRY doesn't)

RUBY-DRY has no noisy compressor so is quieter than conventional refrigerant machines. The air coming from the unit is much drier than a refrigerant device too to, so ultimately one can reduce the humidity in the building quicker than would be possible using a refrigerant device. 
Although RUBY-DRY uses slightly more electricity when compared to a refrigerant device, because the extraction efficiency is so much better, it actually spends less time running to achieve the target humidity level. Actual running costs are therefore similar to refrigerant machines. Nearly all the energy used by RUBY-DRY escapes as heat so RUBY-DRY provides a modest amount of heat too!

Traditionally, adsorption technology has only been cost effective to manufacture for use in larger commercial installations. With RUBY-DRY however DiO can now offer this technology to the domestic market at a price that is competitive against conventional refrigerant devices.

NOTE:: This unit has also been sold badged AMBER-DRY. It is identical to RUBY-DRY other than the case colour which is graphite grey not ivory. Please note only the Ruby-Dry is  now available.

We recommend the Ruby-Dry for domestic use where you need a machine with a larger tank than most. This means less frequent emptying.