LoRaWAN Active Humidity Control and Data Monitor Kit

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LoRaWAN Active Humidity Control and Data Monitor Kit

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  • Complete kit to control humidity (excl. Dehumidifier)

  • Monitor and control humidity REAL TIME

  • LoRaWAN devices

  • Sensor, Controller and Gateway

  • Plug and Play

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This kit contains all the hardware you need to set up active control and monitoring of any room environment - in the house or garage or cellar or workshop.

By controlling the humidity accurately and turning the dehumidifier on only when required not only will you get more precise control but there are potentially large savings in electricity cost to be had as well.

The kit is built round LoRaWAN technology that enables wireless transmission from sensor to controller and real time monitoring of data via our webpage monitor.

You get:

Small LoRaWAN temperature / RH sensor to place anywhere suitable in the area you wish to control. Battery powered (5+ years life per battery)

5A rated Switched controller box - This will be turned on and off as needed - simply plug it into a mains socket and plug your dehumidifier into this.

Gateway - plug this into your Internet connection in the house.

Web link - simply go to the website link we provide with the kit and you can monitor your live data at any time

By using LoRaWAN transmission of data the sensors and controller can communicate with the gateway over large distances (certainly 100's of meters indoors and several kilometres outside).

We provide this as a complete turn-key solution - simply install the parts and it will power up and control automatically.

You can see some LIVE sample data here:

DXIOT.UK - secure data acquisition and analysis.

We can adapt this technology to suit your specific application - we can provide user adjustable thresholds , adapt it for control of temperature etc. Please contact us with your requirements.

Note we build these kits to order so delivery will be typically 1-3 weeks from order.