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Siesta 7FS Air Purifier (MC70L)
Part No: 7FS

  • 8 stage air purifier with leading edge technology
  • Carries the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
  • 99.99% efficient Antibacterial power
  • 99.6% Efficiency in Allergen removal
  • 95% Deodorising Power
  • Ultra quiet operation - 16dB
  • Covers an area up to 48m2 (550 sq feet)
  • Removes 52 toxins/dioxins including Formaldehyde
  • Filters last up to 7 years (based on 8-9 hours running per day)

    Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Filter absorbs and removes bacteria & viruses
    The ability to absorb bacteria and viruses is increased by combining apatite at the atomic level. With the Flash Streamer discharge, a multiplier effect takes place so that powerful oxidation is achieved to remove bacteria and viruses.

    The Siesta7FS Bio-antibody filter removes viruses in about 1 minute!
    It is important to eliminate the infectious capacity of viruses as soon as possible after they collect in the filter. The Bio-antibody filter can quickly remove viruses in about 1 minute.

    The Siesta7FS Flash Streamer removes 99.99% of bacteria and mould spores using a Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Filter
    Apatite, which excels in absorbing bacteria and mould spores, is fused with titanium. Each and every absorbed bacterium and mould spore contacts the titanium so that they can be completely removed.

    The photocatalyst works to remove bacteria and deactivates viruses
    When light strikes titanium oxide, hydrogen peroxide (HO) and hydroxyl radicals (OH) are formed. These two substances possess powerful oxidising properties and through mutual interaction they are able to decompose acetaldehydes and similar odorous substances into odourless carbon dioxide and water. Also, a powerful oxidative removes bacteria and deactivates viruses. Because the hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals are only present at the surface of the photocatalyst, they do not pass into the atmosphere of the room.

    Kills smells even from the furthest corner of a spacious living area
    The Siesta7FS Flash Streamer's large airflow and suction from four directions ensure that odours are properly collected. The photocatalytic deodoriser achieves performance that ranks with the best in the industry.

    Rapid deodorisation of tobacco smoke
    Rating at 95% for deodorisation refers to the ability pf the Photocatalytic air purifier to deodorise the smoke from five burned cigarettes in one-cubic-metre of enclosed space. One minute after operation, the amounts of ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid are reduced by 85%.

    Siesta's negative ioniser system
    The Siesta 7FS pumps out negative ions so that at a distance of one metre from the outlet there are 300,000 negative ions per cubic metre of air. Negative ions, which are normally quite vulnerable and easily eliminated, spread to the corners of your room and restore a favourable overall ion balance to your surroundings.

    The Photocatalyst and inverter lamp remove pollutants
    The Siesta uses photo catalyst technology to change the molecular structure of pollutants, therefore eliminating toxic gases and odours and deactivating germs and bacteria. Based on a chemical reaction, pollutants, such as second hand smoke, travel through the titanium oxide filter where light from the inverter lamp creates hydroxyl radicals (OH). These radicals oxidize or change the molecular structure. The result: pure, harmless elements such as water and carbon dioxide.

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