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Portable Industrial Air Conditioning Unit D280KI- 28000 btu/hr
Part No: D280KI


  1. 28,000 BTU/hr of cooling ( 8kW )
  2. Features integral foldaway exhaust permanently attatched to the unit
  3. Cool in 3 separate directions
  4. Up to 20 metres of ducting can be fiitted (supplied separately)
  5. Advanced air movement system to reduce noise and temperature
  6. Weight (kg) Approx. 100kg
  7. Dimensions (H)x(W)x(D) (mm) 1150x530x690


      The D280KI portable industrial air conditioning unit is one of the most versatile and powerful air conditioning units on the market today. Designed and built specifically for industrial air conditioning, warehouse and event air conditioning.  The D280KI industrial air conditoning unit is made even more versatile with the addition of a three way adjustable outlet cowls supplied as standard.

    1. For the purposes of EU regulation EN12102 this is a “local air conditioner” and produces less than 65Dbl sound energy.

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    Additional features for the D280Ki Portable Industrial Air Conditioning Unit


  8. Adjustable thermostatic control as standard
  9. Tubular chassis clad with powder coated galvanized panels
  10. Easy to transport and manoeuvre
  11. Runs off 13A 240V supply
  12. Large 10 litre condensate container with automatic 'full' cut out
  13. Large diameter locking castors for easy manueverability & safety
  14. Approx. room size (sq.ft/sq.m) 853/79
  15. Operating temperature range 21-38 degC
  16. Cooling capacity (Btu/hr / kW) Nominal 30,000/8.0
  17. Air delivery (m3/hr) 1500
  18. Running current (A) Less than 11
  19. Nominal power less than 9.5A
  20. Exhaust length (m) 3.0m max (10ft)
  21. Exhaust diameter 400mm (16")
  22. Fan speeds Low, medium, high
  23. Compressor type Rotary
  24. Refrigerant R417A
  25. Condenser cooling Air cooled
  26. Condensation removal Internal with auto cut-out
  27. Also known as the MCM280