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ELA DD822 Dehumidifier & Laundry Drier
Part No: DD822-Graphite

$0 $0Ultra compact high extraction adsorption domestic dehumidifier.     $0 $0 $0 $0Dries laundry in a few hours. $03 fan speeds with ultra quiet low speed, medium and high speed laundry mode $0Straightforward, simple to use, obvious controls. $0Great for unheated environments too - garages, sheds, caravans, boats, observatories etc. $0Tiny dimensions yet with big performance. $0 $0 $0 $0 $0We have taken the best features of all the current desiccant dehumidifier machines on the market and combined them into one new machine the ELA DD822. Customers wanted a compact stylish design with simple to understand controls, ultra quiet operation with 3 fan speeds, laundry mode, adjustable angle louvre and auto restart after power interruption. All these are built into the ELA DD822 as standard.  The ELA DD822 dehumidifier is an ultra compact high extraction adsorption dehumidifier that is ideal for up to 5 bedroomed houses but is especially useful for drying out laundry and after damp ingress into rooms. The adsorption rotor at the heart of the unit is so efficient at taking moisture out that it will dry laundry in a small room in half the time a conventional refrigerant machine would take.$0 $0 $0 $0The desiccant technology also means constant extraction efficiency that is independant of temperature so the ELA DD822 dehumidifier can be used to keep boats, caravans, motor homes and small garages dry thoughout the winter - even in the lowest temperatures. With auto restart after power interruption and a continuous drainage option the DD822 can be used in unattended operation applications. A truly versatile machine which can be used as a home dehumidifier aswell as a boat or caravan dehumidifier$0     

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$0Features of the ELA DD822 Dehumidifier include:$0 $0Will extract up to 8 Litres per day in NORMAL domestic conditions (20C / 60% RH) $0Outlet air 10-12C warmer than inlet - adds heat as well as drying the air $02 Litre tank with auto-cut-off when full $0Auto restart after a power interruption. $0Straightfoward top panel controls $0Set Humidity levels at 40% 50% or 60% $0Low Medium and high Fan Speeds  $0Water level indicator   $0Washable main air filter $0Continuous drain option  - 2 metres of hose is included in the box. $0Air Ioniser $0Motorised louvre position  $02/4/8 Hour timer $0Operating temperature range 1-40C $0Weight 6.2Kg $0Max Power consumption 620W $0Dimensions 50cm High x 36cm Wide x 18cm Deep $0Stylish Graphite Grey finish. $012 months Warranty$0