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Wardrobe dehumidifiers - do I actually need one?

We often get calls from customers that have issues with damp and mould in wardrobes - more often than not fitted wardrobes in bedrooms.

This article explains what is happening and how to stop it.

The first time customers notice a problem in a wardrobe is usually when they open it and it smells musty or if they move clothes or shoes and there is mould actually growing on them.

Moulds will only grow where there is sufficient moisture for them to multiply. The moisture is most commonly coming from condensation but where is the condensation coming from?

The problem is actually too high humidity levels generally IN THE WHOLE HOUSE. Whilst the air is warm in the house it can hold more moisture. As the air cools in the wardrobe, cooled by the cold outside wall or poor insulation, then the air can no longer hold the moisture and gives it up as condensation.

So - the way to tackle a wardrobe mould issue is to put a dehumidifier centrally in the home. Leave it on 24/7 and let it turn itself on and off according to the humidity level.

Now, by controlling the humidity the warm air can still go into the wardrobe and cool down but because it no longer has the moisture loading it does not reach the point (know as dew point) where it gives up moisture as condensation.

No condensation = no multiplication of bacteria, mould or spores.