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Two new liquid fuel heaters now in stock for this winter

Dry-it-Out Limited are pleased to announce the addition of two new liquid fuel paraffin heaters to our line-up this Autumn.

Firstly the SRE-241. The SRE-241 is a 2.3kW output wick heater. This is a lovely little heater and little is the word - it is far smaller than any other on the market making it ideal for confined areas - small rooms, caravans etc. Yet it comes with full features - auto battery ignition, tip over safety and removable tank. A great little unit.

Secondly, and at the other end of the scale is the SRE-4600. This is an electronic digital control liquid fuel heater with a massive 4.6kW (that's 4600 Watts) output and a truly affordable price. You get full digital temperature control, 24 hour timer and Eco mode operation as standard.

Both units come with two year warranty and are in stock now.

Best of all - order on-line and you will get 16 Litres of Paraffin Extra ROLF fuel free of charge to get you going - all delivered at the same time. Oh yes - next working day delivery is standard at no cost as well!