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Ruby Dry/ Amber Dry check and low light fault

As we head into the the Autumn/winter a lot of you are turning your Amber Dry or Ruby Dry dehumidifiers on for the first time in months.  If you are doing this in a very damp environment like a garage, workshop or cellar then you may find that the dehumidifier almost immediately stops working coming up with the check/alarm and the low light flashing together.$0 The good news is that this is NOT a fault with the machine. It is caused because the relative humidity (RH) in the area you are running it is >95% and the machine locks out because it cannot reliably measure the humidity at such a high level. Solution: $0Firstly bring the machine into the house or another dry area for half an hour to allow the humidity sensor in the machine to stabilise at a lower level. $0Then get a fan heater. Take the ruby dry / Amber dry back into the damp room and place the fan heater about 1 metre away from the unit with the fan heater pointing towards the air intake side of the machine (the filter side). Turn the fan heater on and then turn the dehumidifier on.$0 $0The action of the fan heater will be to preheat the air going into the dehumidifier and lower its RH enough to 'fool' the machine into believing the ambient humidity is lower. $0Leave things like that for half an hour or so and the turn the fan heater off. The dehumidifier will have lowered the RH sufficiently so that will now continue to run normally. $0The best way to avoid this happening again is to keep the dehumidifier on all the time! $0Roger Banks $0Director $0DIO $0