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Quick-Install Fixed Air Conditioning


1.     Self-install air conditioners use indoor and outdoor units that are no different to commercially installed units - it is the coupling between them that is different.

2.     They come with an umbilical cord of typically 4 meters in length that is permanently attached to the indoor unit. This umbilical contains the two refrigerant lines and a power connecting lead for the outdoor unit.

3.     The outside end of the umbilical is terminated in a quick coupling unit that allows connection to the outdoor unit without any risk of refrigerant loss.




Some facts:


·         The umbilical is pre-set in length and charged with refrigerant so you cannot extend it - if you need a longer run then you will have to have the unit professionally altered by a registered F-gas company.


·         Power to the outdoor unit is taken down the umbilical so there is no need to provide a separate power supply outside.


·         The outdoor unit can be lower or higher than the indoor.


·         The indoor unit also has a condensate drain pipe leading away from it - this takes the condensate away to outside from the indoor unit when the unit is in cooling mode. As standard this is a gravity feed pipe only - if you want to pipe the condensate drain uphill then you will need to add an in-line pump to pump it up and away such as our Mini Lime condensate pump.


·         Inverter units use a AC-DC converter inside and run the compressor DC. This allows the duty cycle of the compressor to be adjustable according to demand. It also allows the units to soft start with lower in-rush current as the unit starts enabling high power inverter units to be run from a standard domestic 13A supply. Our 20000 btu Inverter split system is a good example of this.