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Portable Air Conditioners - Hoses


If you are looking for a simple cooling solution for the office, server room, warehouse or at home then a portable air conditioner is the solution - but just be aware of what's out there....


'True' portable air conditioning units are those than use a refrigeration circuit to chill the air in exactly the same manner as commercially installed fixed equipment.


To remove the heat energy from the room then portable air conditioners ALL (without exception) use a flexible hose, typically 125mm / 5" diameter to exhaust the hot air. This hose must be routed out of the room you are cooling either through a partially opened window, though a wall grille or out though a partially opened door to a corridor or other room. It is also possible to vent the hose up into a false ceiling provided the area above the false ceiling is well ventilated and that condensation is not an issue.


As the air is chilled by a portable air conditioner moisture gets removed from the air. This moisture is either collected into a tank in the machine, pumped out of a separate small pipe or, most commonly evaporated into the hot air going up the main hose so exiting as warm wet air.


Most machines come with an end adaptor that can be fitted to the hose - looking like a fishtail it allows the hose to be put through a window and allows the window to be closed to about 3" opening only.