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Muggy Weather - Air Conditioning is the cure


As so often happens in the UK, when we get warmer temperatures we also get a lot of moisture trapped in the air and this gives us a muggy, stifling atmosphere that is both unpleasant and strength-sapping to work and live in.

What is not so commonly known is that one of the primary benefits of air conditioning is to remove this humidity as well as controlling the temperaure.

Refrigeration based air conditioners (and that applies to all the portable and fixed air conditioners that we sell ) remove moisture as they cool the air. If you imagine taking an old glass milk bottle out of the fridge - as you do so moisture from the air condenses on the cold surface of the bottle and it is this condensation that is removed in the same way by an air conditioner.

Many air conditioners have a specific dehumidification control option built in that is designed to dry the air and remove the mugginess without cooling the air too much.

So - if you are fed up with the sticky weather then an air conditioner is your solution - and you will be ready to keep cool when the really hot weather arrives too!