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Laundry drying with a dehumidifier - how much does it cost?

We get asked every day about the suitability of dehumidifiers for laundry drying.

The truth is that ANY dehumidifier will speed up the drying of rack hung laundry. Some, however are better than others at doing this.

Firstly lets talk about running costs. Cheaper than a tumble drier? Absolutely. A tumble drier may take a couple of hours to dry laundry at 3kW consumption = 6 units of electricity at , say 15p = 90p.

A dehumidifier will not dry as quickly - say 5 hours to dry the laundry for a refrigerant machine - but that is 5 hours at 300W consumption = 1.5 units of electricity at 15p per unit = 22p. Desiccant dehumidifiers will speed up the process further as they generate heat as they dehumidify but they do use a bit more energy. So a desiccant machine will take, say, 4 hours to dry @ 600W consumption = 2.4 units = 36p - that is still almost a third of the cost of a tumble drier....

Mitsubishi go further with their one of their latest models - the MJ-E14EG-E1. It has a fully steerable motorised outlet louvre and a sensor that looks at the washing on the rack and automatically aims the airflow from the machine towards the wettest laundry - how clever is that?!!

So turn off that tumble drier and put the dehumidifier on and start saving money!