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New Mitsubishi dehumidifier range arriving later this month!

The latter half of August sees the arrival of the new winter 2013/14 Mitsubishi Dehumidifier models.

There are three new models arriving - two 14 litre rated units - the MJ-E14CG-E1 and the MJ-E14EG-E1 and one 20 litre unit the MJ-E20BG-E1.

The MJ-E14CG and MJ-E20BG are basically the same as the current 16 litre MJ-E16VX-E1 unit, just differing in capacity ( the MJ-E20BG is a bit bigger too).

The MJ-E14EG-E1 however is quite different. It has a fully motorised louvre that can move left and right as well as up and down. Integrated into the machine is a 'Move Eye' detector that monitors the relative humidity of the machine in the direction the louvres are pointing. Why is this useful? Well, you can set the machine facing towards a clothes airer full of washing and it will automatically scan the washing, find the wettest garments and then move the louvres automatically to direct the dry airflow from the machine towards the wettest washing. It then checks periodically and moves the airflow to dry other areas. How cool is that!!!

Check out the specifications of all three on the website now. http://www.dry-it-out.com/product-list?Text=mitsubishi