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Mardome 14"/355mm Light Tube Kit Slate Roof <45 Degrees
Part No: SL-355SLATE-45


  • Complete light tube kit
  • 14" / 355mm diameter
  • For use on slate roof applications where the pitch of the roof is less than 45 degress.
  • The Kit is supplied complete with dome, roof plate, reflector tubes and interior diffuser.
  • As standard the kit will provide a total drop of 1.5 Metres. Additional 300mm and 600mm tube extensions are available to extend this further.
  • Mardome Sunlight comes complete with the reassurance of a 20 year limited warranty. 


Outstanding expertise has been used to create Mardome Sunlight and Mardome Sunlight Flex, innovative tubular rooflight ranges which combine high levels of light transmission with a simple installation technique. Mardome Sunlight features a rigid tunnel with an angled adaptor. The design of the Mardome Sunlight range allows completion of all exterior work before moving inside, facilitating faster installation and minimising disruption to homes and businesses. After the opening is created the roof plate is installed and dressed into the roof, followed by insertion of the Sunlight Reflector roof section and final installation of the dome, completing the exterior work and allowing work to begin inside.

Our Price: £492.48 (£410.40 + VAT)

Availability: 2-3 Working Days
Total: £
  1. The Sunlight Reflector roof section is installed from the roof before the dome is fitted, it features a factory engineered rim for simple yet secure positioning.
  2. Brushed nylon gasket provides a draft, dirt and insect proof seal whilst allowing any moisture within the dome to escape.
  3. The interior of the Sunlight Reflector has a reflection level of 95%, maximizing the light entering the room
  4. The angle adaptor, available in 0 - 30º or 0 - 45º versions, provides flexibility in positioning both the dome on the roof and the diffuser in the ceiling. It has the same polished internal finish as the other reflector elements. For maximum light transmission the Sunlight Reflector should be kept as straight as possible.
  5. A neat diffuser allows the light to enter the room discretely.