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Quick Install Inverter Split Air Conditioner Unit 20000btu with Heat Pump - MSR18
Part No: MSR18


  1. Fantastic Offer price at the moment. Save ££££
  2. INVERTER driven unit so fully variable high efficiency output
  3. Cooling capacity 9500 - 20000 BTU/hr / 2.8 - 5.7 kW (Nominal rating 18000BTU/Hr / 5.3kW)
  4. Heating capacity 8000 - 21000 BTU/hr / 2.3 - 6.2 kW 
  5. Up to 46m2 room size (indication only)
  6. Energy rating A
  7. COP Value of 3.41 / EER Value of 3.21
  8. Bi-Direction air vane technology
  9. Digital LED display
  10. Full function remote control


The  MSR18 has 20000 BTU/hr split wall mounted inverter driven air conditioner with heat pump. This wall mounted split quick install air conditioner unit comes with a pre-charged 4m connector pipe.


This quick install air conditioner is capable of being installed by a qualified F-Gas contractor in typically about 2-3 hours. There are basically two parts - the indoor unit whcih mounts high up on the wall and the outdoor (condensor) unit which stands outside. The two are connected by an umbilical chord that carries the refrigerent back and forth as well the power for the outside unit. The umbilcal is permanentally attached to the back of the indoor unit and is coupled to the outdoor unit using a quick coupling system that ensures no gas escapes (and an electrical multiway connector for the power)

So - to install these units is quite simple. Mount the indoor unit onto the wall using the wall plate provided. Make a hole though the wall to outside (this needs to be about 100mm diameter - enough to pass the quick coupling connector at the end of the umbilical through - the umbilical itself is smaller than this - typically about 75 x 50 mm). The outdoor unit is then connected outside to the umbilical for both refrigerent and power. All you need to do then is wire up the indoor unit to a plug and the system is ready to turn on. The outdoor unit is supplied as standard with rubber feet to stand on a flat surface. You can optionally buy a wall bracket for the outdoor unit (see related items below) should you wish to mount the unit up on the wall. 


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Addtional features of the  MSR18 Inverter Split Quick Install Air Conditioner include:

  1. 4 metre umbilical
  2. Auto restart yes
  3. Sleep mode yes  
  4. Dimensions Indoor - 94 x 27.5 x 22.4 / Outdoor 84.5 x 69.5 x 33.5 cm
  5. Net Weight indoor / outdoor 15.0 / 52.8 kg
  6. Operating current cooling/heating 3.5-7.8 / 3.1-9.8 A
  7. Power input cooling/heating 1550/1450 watts
  8. Power supply 220-240~50Hz~single phase max 15 A
  9. >65Dbl sound energy.


The quick install air conditioner has a heat pump so will heat as well as cool and therefore can provide year round climate control. It has a programmable timer, remote control and operating modes including automatic, sleep and dehumidification. The  MSR18 unit also has adjustable louvres for left, right up and down and the louvre can be set to automatically swing up and down. Air filtration is achieved via a washable electrostatic filter.