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Accumate 6/12V 3 stage Battery Charger
Part No: Accumate

  • No more flat batteries when you come to start the car.
  • Switchable 6/12V for either voltage charging
  • Store your car for long periods with the battery 100%.
  • Full charge applied and then maintained - automatically!
  • Designed to be left connected all the time the car is not in use.

  • LED indicators of charge condition.
  • At last a battery charger is available that will intelligently charge and maintain all car lead acid batteries. The ACCUMATE battery charger is the answer to keeping a 6 or 12 volt battery in tip-top condition whenever thebattery is not used.
    Basic battery chargers simply apply an uncontrolled current/voltage that restores charge to the battery. However, they cannot charge a battery accurately to full charge, may only partially charge a battery and can most certainly overcharge which may result in gassing and loss of water. Consistently under or over charging a lead acid battery will reduce its lifespan. Older cars have charging systems that are not optimised for modern hybrid batteries so may not provide full charge.
    ACCUMATE is an advanced fully automatic battery charger and maintainer for all 6V and 12V lead acid batteries, including conventional, hybrid and fully sealed starter batteries, GEL type and deep cycle and leisure batteries.

    The CORRECT way to charge a flooded wet cell or gel type lead acid battery is through a controlled multi-stage process. Three stage charging is the method most lead acid battery manufacturers recommend as the best and most efficient way to return full capacity to the battery and extend battery life. The Car battery charger/maintainer is a three stage charger that operates as follows:

    Constant Current Charging or Bulk Charge Mode. Assuming the battery is starting in a discharged state, the charger is operating in constant current mode, where the charger current is maintained at a constant value of 1.2 Amps and the battery voltage is allowed to rise as it is being recharged. Approximately 80% of battery capacity is returned in the constant current region.

    Constant Voltage - Absorption Mode When the battery voltage reaches 14.3 Volts or equivalent for 6 Volt batteries (just below the point where gassing will start), ACCUMATE switches mode to hold the voltage constant at this level whilst the battery current is allowed to reduce. It is this region where the last 20% of battery capacity is returned. This voltage level is maintained until the battery current reduces to 200mA.

    Constant Voltage - Float Mode.  At the point where the current is reduced to 200mA, ACCUMATE enters float mode. In float mode the voltage on the battery is maintained at 13.5 Volts (or 6V equivalant). This voltage will maintain the full charge condition in the battery without gassing the electrolyte or overcharging the battery. If the charger detects a current drain greater than 200mA during this float phase then the full charge cycle is restarted. ACCUMATE can therefore be left permanently connected to the battery of the car and will keep it fully and correctly charged even if you have accessories such as clocks and alarms systems connected to the car. will also charge and maintain unconnected batteries.

    ACCUMATE is supplied complete with ring terminal lead set for smaller batteries, crocodile lead set for conventional car batteries and fitted with UK mains plug. 220-240 Volts only.  2 year Guarantee

    Cigarette lighter adaptor - connect direct to the battery without lifting the bonnet (requires cigarette lighter socket to be powered without the ignition switched on)
    Wall mounting bracket - attach the charger to the wall with this sturdy bracket. The bracket screws to the wall and the charger screws to the bracket - comes complete with mounting screws/rawlplugs - includes place to coil up output wires when not in use.

    (Please NOTE: ACCUMATE is NOT suitable for charging NiCad or Dry Batteries)

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