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Sinar AP6060 Moisture Analyzer
Part No: sap6060


The Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer offers the fastest and most convenient solution for whole grain moisture content in agricultural commodities.

The principle behind the AP is simplicity - when the cell is filled and the appropriate commodity program selected, the moisture content (%) is clearly shown within six seconds on the liquid crystal display. The average moisture content of a series of up to 254 samples can also be displayed in just one second.

The Sinar AP also provides readouts of temperature and hectolitre (bushel) weight and its RS232 printer output allows information to be fed to a printer for a hard copy record (printer extra)

Up to 25 calibration curves can be held in the memory and these can be individually adjusted when required to optimize the accuracy. A security password ensures that only authorized users are able to make calibration adjustments.

The design concept of the Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer is based on the simultaneous sensing of capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample being tested, providing a corrected moisture (%) reading in a few seconds. This technology allows the use of whole grains - there is no need to grind the sample - cereals, oilseeds, pulses etc can be loaded directly into the measuring cell without any sample preparation.

The Sinar AP6060 has become the standard in moisture measurement for growers, traders and producers world-wide.

The Sinar AP6060 is also one of only a few machines available that will provide accurate BUSHEL WEIGHT measurement using the Hectolitre Weighing kit available as an extra.

Each instrument is supplied complete with loading hopper, cardboard/foam carry case, user manual and seven built-in calibrations. When enquiring or ordering please state the Cat. No. representing your selection of calibrations.

Calibration options are as follows :-

6060-000 Supplied without calibrations. The AP can be calibrated by the user with either Sinar MoistureNet™ or by transferring calibrations from another Sinar Moisture Analyzer.
6060-001 (UK Version) Wheat - Barley - Oats - Oilseed Rape - Linseed - Peas - Beans
6060-002 Maize - Wheat - Barley - Oats - Rye - Oilseed Rape - Sunflower
6060-003 Rice - Sorghum - Millet - Maize - Barley - Soybeans - Ground Nuts
6060-004 Wheat - Barley - Rice (short) - Rice (medium) - Rice (long) - Oat - Sorghum
6060-005 Maize - Soybeans - Oilseed Rape - Sunflower - Lupins - Ground Nuts - Palm Oil Kernal
6060-006 Beans - Peas - Chickpeas - Lentils - Soybeans - Red Haricot Beans - Red Kidney Beans
6060-007 Almonds - Brazil Nuts - Cashew Nuts - Hazel Nuts - Pecans - Peanuts - Walnuts
6060-008 Pimento - Cloves - Turmeric - Black Pepper Corns - Dried Root Ginger - Cocoa Beans - Green Coffee Beans
6060-009 Tea (Large Leaf) - Tea (Small Leaf) - Green Coffee Beans - Parchment Coffee - Dry Cherry Coffee
6060-010 Wheat - Barley - Oats - Lupins - Canola - Peas - Rice

(Please note: The price stated is for the UK Model 6060-001 ONLY - all other variants are POA)

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